Going Overseas


To go or not to go...

There is a word called DREAM that we talk about in Radiance. We share how important it is to dream. To LIVE BIG and DREAM BIG.

The moment came one day for me in 2010 when I had a dream planted on my heart and I began to ponder, is this an 'I wonder dream' or is this a dream that really may become a reality? I chose to take it to a person whose opinion I highly value - I took it to God.

I had been offered an opportunity to travel with a friend overseas and do a university exchange. It was a wonderful and exciting opportunity. Doors had opened; I was no longer in a dating relationship and I had some content matches in my degree to study elsewhere. The country that looked like our destination for exchange was Ireland.

This one particular day as I walked around Burleigh Hill, I chose again to talk with my wise counsellor, God. I stood at the rocks and felt God with me as I began to speak with him about my prospective overseas trip. I felt he responded with, “I have come to bring life and life to the fullest”.

At this very moment I realised God wants us to have full and prosperous lives. He puts before us many opportunities and grants us free will. He allows us the chance to choose our direction and paths in life. He directs us to choose wisely, be close to him when considering choices and consult other wise people who he has placed around us. It is then, once we make our choices, that God will use us (if we are willing) wherever we are. 

I can tell you now with a lived perspective that this trip was life changing and one of my most memorable life experiences. It created many new overseas friendships, appreciation for nature and cities and most of all what fun there is to be discovered right at our fingertips. All it takes is stepping out of our place of comfort and taking a risk. 

Don't ever be afraid to DREAM, you just never know what the reality of that DREAM may bring.