Kiara Matthews, 2016.

Kiara Completed Radiance in 2013 when she was in grade 9.

“It’s not a program you want to do; it’s a program you need to do.”

 “Every girl can wake up and put on makeup and laugh and smile and joke but deep down there’s that sadness and negativity.”

“Radiance is a safe haven. It’s like a sisterhood. I’m not close to my sister, but each week these girls in my group began to feel like sisters. The people you are in there with bond together. It was like a sleepover during the day. Chats about makeup, boys, friends and love. When you step out of the room reality kicks in, but it makes you look at life with a different perspective.

“It opens doors for you. It’s like the one light in a dark place.”

“I learnt that the foods I eat impact how I feel”

“There were people in the group who weren’t all the prettiest or the most popular, but putting everyone together makes the perfect team. Everyone works together and uses their different strengths and weaknesses.”

“For me as a Christian, God wasn’t directly spoken but it was there if you wanted to take it. You could see it in the leaders. ”

 “Having done Radiance I am more aware of my surroundings in year 12 and not getting caught in the dramas of year 12. It’s given me tools to be more self-aware.”

“Being a teenager you’re dealing with friendships, boys, parents and your own personal insecurities. In Radiance I learnt a way to express myself in a better form. I learnt I can be better and can be a leader in my own right. Radiance taught me how to use my strengths.

“It impacted everything especially my friends. I realised I had a choice that I could choose the friends that were best for me.”

“Everything that happened in Radiance makes you better in the long run. You will go through trials and tribulations but it gives you all the necessary things to deal with life, parents and friends.